Log Entry No. 19

Found An interesting article by Shelley Bernstein the Chief of Technology at the Brooklyn Museum, the article is entitled QR Code Connumdrum and raises a number of important issues/points regarding QR codes with in the context of a museums enviroment.

  • Accessability – Not all visitors will have a Smartphone so it is important that their use should compliment the exprience (the musuem looked at only installing markers in specific parts of the museum as a test)
  • QRreaders are required (via free download) in order to view content
  • Providing an alternative means to view content via smart phones freed up information kiosks for vistiors without [smartphones]
  • Scope – Having a QR code for every exhibit would be impractical & potential irritate visitors.
  • Add additional content – repeating information already on display would only work if targetted at a specific user e.g. someone with disabilites, aleternative languages

Also in the comments section Shelley also provides some important points for discussion:


  1. Jonathan says:

    This all sounds interesting. What about using QR codes for exhibit accessibility? Maybe to bring up larger-print or audio versions of plaques on smartphones.

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    That’s an interesting use for sure, but I think duplicating the information on the wall will frustrate most visitors. If we did something like this, we’d almost have to somehow identify these as being for a specific use.

    I’m not sure how successful that would be in the end and I’d rather see accessibility thought of from a less tech perspective. Wall labels should have a typeface that’s large enough to read – that’s a basic we aim for every day. Also, I’m not sure we have resources to make an audio version of every text label and, if we did, we’d have galleries covered in QR codes – I don’t think that’s so good.

    Also, we’d have to survey our audience and find out what portion of them actually have the phones before doing a project like this. My primary concern with this is overall low adoption and potential confusion. Before we go on, I think it’s important to see how the general audience responds and then think about niche uses and survey those audiences accordingly.



Another link: http://artyoucangetinto.blogspot.com/2009/04/qr-codes-visitors-resource-guide.html

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